Buy This, Not That: These are the pots and pans Julia Child cooked with — and after spending 10 years using one, I know there’s nothing better


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My beloved, vivid red Le Creuset dutch oven— an almost  $350 cast-iron enameled pot I got when my husband and I married roughly 10 years ago — might be half the reason I’m still hitched. I kid, but for real: My husband is a total foodie, and my Le Creuset pot is quite simply a superior way to cook.  (Readers, Le Creuset’s dutch ovens start at $160, with free shipping, which, if you ask me, is a steal for a pot this good that you’ll pass down to your kids.)

Before becoming the designated chef of my household — or as my husband lovingly calls me, the food and beverage director — I relied on a lightweight and probably chemical-laden set of pots and pans that I no doubt bought on the cheap with a 20% off coupon at some giant department store. The nonstick coating never worked well, things burned and turned bitter, and those pans were hard to clean.

BUY NOW: Shop the Le Creuset store here; it offers free shipping on all orders of $99 or more and a free gift.

Now, a decade later, my Le Creuset pot has become one of my most coveted kitchen companions — worth every cent of its hefty price tag and then some. From stirring up soups and stews to frying beer battered fish and braising short-ribs, this pot can do it all — in the oven and on the stove.

Le Creuset

What reviewers say about Le Creuset

Julia Child favored Le Creuset, and reviewers rave about this beautiful, effective kitchenware too. Wirecutter writes that it is an “exceptionally durable, high quality pot” that is “the kind of piece people pass down to their kids,” and Business Insider writes that “Le Creuset’s products last for years (if not generations), are made with distinct attention to detail, and come in many eye-catching colors.”  Reviewers on Amazon give is mighty praise too: It’s rare to find reviews, of which there are thousands, of its pots that are less than 4.7 stars.

BUY NOW: Shop the Le Creuset store here; it offers free shipping on all orders of $99 or more and a free gift.

What I love about Le Creuset (besides how delicious my meals are with it)

Not only does it evenly distribute heat and moisture to food, it looks sharp on the shelf and is easy to clean (I don’t even curse it after I’ve browned chicken in it or made something sticky, because a little warm soapy water and a dish brush usually do the trick.) If you draw the line at cleaning, you can put it in the dishwasher, pour yourself a glass of wine, and call it a day. 

Le Creuset

Yikes, but what about the high price of Le Creuset?

Overcoming the price tag isn’t easy, and there are many less expensive options. If you don’t cook a lot, this probably isn’t worth the price. But if, like me, you cook with any sort of regularity, I can tell you: I’d rather spend $350 once than $100 a few times to get the benefits of something that will last a lifetime.

BUY NOW: Shop the Le Creuset store here; it offers free shipping on all orders of $99 or more and a free gift.

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