NewsWatch: Investors compare 2021 stock-market rally to the pre-crash summer of 1987 — should they?


Investors are drawing parallels between the stock market’s 2021 climb and the pattern seen in 1987, a year marred by the “Black Monday” crash in October. There are some important differences, analysts note. See full story.

Disgruntled HR executive trashed personnel files and deleted 17,000 resumes after being fired — now faces up to 15 years in prison

Prosecutors say Medghyne Calonge deleted thousands of prospective employees’ resumes at 1-800-Accountant, seriously disrupting business. See full story.

What if you die first? 10 important financial issues for married people

One spouse will likely outlive the other — how to plan for a comfortable old age See full story.

People in the U.S. who were vaccinated with Moderna and Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccines will be eligible for a third dose in September

Federal health officials said Wednesday that a third dose of the COVID-19 shots developed by Moderna and Pfizer will be available in mid-September for Americans who have been fully vaccinated for at least eight months. See full story.

‘When I go to the playground, my older son loves to try to interact with kids — and he doesn’t really know how’

A new study says kids born during the pandemic face developmental issues. Can parents find ways to help? See full story.


In today’s overheated housing market, is the concept of owning your own waterfront home a punishing fantasy or an achievable reality? See full story.

: WWE, Spotify to launch exclusive audio network

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