NewsWatch: More investors than ever are borrowing to buy stocks. Here’s what this really means for the market


Total margin debt has nearly doubled since March 2000. See full story.

‘Money is inherently emotional’: A post-COVID guide to splurging with ‘enlightened hedonism’

Will Benedetto and his girlfriend have cut down on streaming services to save money. ‘We have that thirst to date one another, instead of cohabit with one another,’ he said. See full story.

Why bitcoin’s bust and the ‘crypto cult’ threaten all investors

Cryptocurrency’s huge spikes and setbacks unsettle traditional stock and bond markets. See full story.

Why the future for Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Apple and other pricey growth stocks isn’t so bright

Earnings growth won’t be robust enough to justify current stock prices, new research suggests. See full story.

Apple v. Epic: Tim Cook offers strong defense of App Store

Apple Inc. Chief Executive Tim Cook offered a strong defense of the App Store in federal court early Friday to rebuff Epic Games Inc.’s claims that the digital platform is a monopoly. See full story.


Finding a country to accept Americans not just as long-term residents but also as legal remote workers is not as simple as it might sound. See full story.

: Apple v. Epic: Tim Cook offers strong defense of App Store

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