NewsWatch: S&P 500 hasn’t fallen 5% from a peak in nearly 200 sessions—what that tells market historians


Friday marks the 200th session that the S&P 500 index hasn’t produced a drawdown of at least 5% from its recent peak, making the current stretch of equity levitation the longest since 2016, when the market went 404 sessions without falling by at least 5% peak to trough. See full story.

Judge shoots down law that kept Uber and Lyft drivers from being employees

A judge Friday shot down a law that would have allowed app-based companies to continue treating drivers as contractors instead of employees in California, ruling unconstitutional a proposition passed by voters after a record-breaking campaign. See full story.

Ignore Elon Musk’s dancing distraction and face the dangers ahead for Tesla

Investors should ignore Elon Musk’s latest dance and focus instead on the growing issues Tesla is facing because of its chief executive’s outlandish claims about his company’s technological capabilities. See full story.

I’m an ‘elder millennial’ with $2 million in investments but a low monthly income. Should I spend my savings to buy a home in San Francisco?

‘I am still unable to qualify for any sort of loan required to purchase a home here and would likely have to pay cash for any home I purchase.’ See full story.

This record-breaking figure is now the average 401(k) balance

Mantra: Save early, save often. See full story.


Plus: the Tesla Bot, making your money last and where to live when you retire. See full story.

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