NewsWatch: Wednesday’s hottest meme stock? Well, it’s not AMC.


AMC got all the attention on a wild day for meme stocks on Wall Street, but it was Bed, Bath & Beyond that saw the biggest gain in one key category for this social media-fueled corner of the stock market. See full story.

Biden promises free beer and childcare if 70% of Americans get at least 1 vaccine shot before July 4

Biden plan includes private-sector incentives, a marketing blitz and pledges by pharmacies to offer 24-hour vaccine services on Fridays in June. See full story.

One healthy (and delicious) way to cut your risk of Type 2 diabetes, according to a study of 7,000 people

An estimated 374 million people are at increased risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, researchers say. See full story.

If you want great healthcare, retire to these states

There’s a lot more to it than sunshine and low taxes See full story.

How to figure out what you can spend in retirement

It’s not that much different than the way you spend when working See full story.


Portugal has become one of the most popular destinations in Europe for retirees from North America, and for good reason. See full story.

: 7-Eleven to add 500 electric-vehicle charging ports by end of 2022

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